Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil-How It Can Benefit You



Coconut oil has become very popular in just the last few years, and has been hyped up by celebrities and health experts alike. Is coconut oil actually good for you, or is all the attention just hype?

It is true that coconut oil has only gained popularity in the west recently, however it has been used for thousands of years not only as a food staple by many island peoples, but for its many health benefits as well.

We know this to be true today because there have been literally thousands of scientific articles published that supports these theories, and the great benefit that these oils can bring.

Coconut oil is also very versatile in that it can be used in a variety of foods, cooking oils or taken in supplement form.

So What Health Benefits Does Coconut Oil Provide?

This is probably the reason why you are here, and rightfully so the health benefits are the most important part of taking the supplement. Coconut oil provides many benefits, but here these are at the top of the list:

1- Can Help to Burn Fat and Keep It Off

preview-full-shutterstock_216984226Coconut oil is loaded with fats, so it isn’t something that will obviously stand out as a fat burner, but it has proven to be effective in doing so. This just goes to show that not all fats are bad, and that eating the correct types can actually help us in losing weight.

Coconut oil is effective in burning fat because it contains specific fats called medium chain triglycerides, which is a preferred fuel by the brain. This type of fatty chain more often than not gets used by our bodies as energy, and is not stored away like other fats.

2- Helps Reduce Your Chances of Getting Diabetes

Another benefit to taking coconut oil is that it helps regulate the pancreas, which controls secretion of insulin. Insulin is responsible for regulating sugar levels within the blood, and its function is important in keeping diabetes at bay.

Medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil are believed to not only help reduce the chance of diabetes, but reduces the risks of become obese as well. Obesity is a major problem in the western world, with more than one third of adults being obese in the United States alone.

3- Will Lower Your Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Disease

For years is was believed that all foods high in saturated fats including coconut oil was bad for our health, especially when it came to our hearts and cardiovascular system. New research however shows otherwise, that some of these fats like the ones found in coconut oil are actually good for our heart health.

The fats in coconut oil also help to fight high levels of LDL cholesterol, that is attributed to heart attack, stroke and other disease. This oil promotes HDL cholesterol in the blood, promoting better circulatory health.

4- Hormonal Balance Within the Body

preview-full-shutterstock_276729863Our hormones control pretty much everything that goes on in our bodies, so when they are out of balance it can cause many different issues that can result in a wide range of problems.

One of the major problems behind weight gain is hormonal imbalance in the overproduction of the hormone cortisol, which itself promotes weight gain. Coconut oil contains certain fatty acids that help to improve the function of the glands that secrete these hormones like the adrenal gland which secretes cortisol.

5- Good for Overall Health of the Digestive System

Coconut oil is good for the health of the digestive system for two reasons. First it is easily digestible by our digestive tract, which helps reduce inflammation.

Second, coconut oil contains certain chemical compounds that have antibacterial aspects to them. These are effective in killing off the “bad” bacteria in our guts, or the ones that cause gas, bloating indigestion and diarrhea.

Killing off this bad bacteria isn’t only beneficial for people whose bowels are moving too quickly, but those suffering from constipation as well. Coconut oil tends to keep you regular no matter what your issue is.

Based on all the scientific data and evidence we have gathered on coconut oil, it is arguably one of the best foods you could possibly eat. Coconut oil is really accessible today as well, as they are very commonly sold by most e-commerce supplement companies.