Is Vigrx Oil Really Effective?


About Vigrx Oil

Vigrx Oil is a male enhancement solution that, unlike pills that need to be taken orally, is used by applying the oil in the penis. But like any other male enhancement products, this oil claims to improve one’s sexual functions with enhanced sex drive, endurance, and greater quality of erection. Vigrx Oil aims to be distinct in the industry of male enhancement products, where many aren’t really effective with harmful side effects. Besides, nearly all fast-acting male enhancement solutions have detrimental stimulants that can cause medical issues, affecting the heart or liver. Of course, this is not fine. What use is your improved sexual prowess if the side effects are too serious that you need to go to the hospital? The product’s manufacturer also touts that unlike other options out there, which usually takes an hour to take effect; Vigrx Oil takes shorter period of time to show results. Its company purports that this product even works instantly you don’t need to wait for a long time.

Is Vigrx Oil Effective?


Basically, oil’s efficiency is fast showing. You only need to put on some of it on the penis, massaging it carefully in order to assimilate the components, and voila, you should expect the results right away, usually in only a couple of minutes.

Moreover, this product is composed of natural components, so it should be safe. One ingredient is L-Arginine HCL, which is useful in terms of boosting the blood circulation after it has been amalgamated into the system. There are other promising components present in Vigrx Oil’s formulation, which are Korean Red Ginseng, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Catuaba Bark, Muira Puama, and Horny Goat Weed.

These components, at least several of them, are also used in Vigrx Plus, but the product is in another form. The most straightforward rationalization we can go for in order to depict how it functions is that when a penis is in its floppy state, the blood arteries going to the corpora cavernosa are confined. To make it firm, the muscle surrounding the artery has to be soothed and be in its relaxed condition.

Moreover, the components in Vigrx Oil set off a chemical reaction in the brain that enables the valve that permits the blood to be pumped into the penis to dilate.

Is Vigrx Oil Harmless?

The good thing about this male enhancement product is that it is only composed of natural components, ensuring its safety. It even passed the Acute Dermal Toxicity Test, which convinces us that Vigrx Oil is indeed harmless. As for the customers who have used it, there haven’t been any feedbacks indicating of any serious adverse reactions. Also, Vigrx Oil is also scent-free and is edible, though it’s not recommended.

Our Take on Vigrx Oil

preview-full-shutterstock_38625241Many customers would surely be doubtful of Vigrx Oil’s efficacy since many are already used to taking male enhancement pills. Plus, oils and other topical creams that are meant to be applied to the penis for improving sexual functions rarely work. But with Vigrx Oil, it seems to be upping its game. The strong feature that this product promotes is that, unlike most pills that take around an hour to show noticeable results, Vigrx Oil’s results are supposed to be instantaneous. Based on the directions, you’re supposed to apply a few drops on your genitals and wait for a couple of minutes to feel the effects. Based on reviews, it seems that Vigrx Oil really worked after just a few minutes. Users reported improvement in the size and circumference of their penis, just like how pills would work. The difference is that Vigrx Oil only took a few minutes to take effect, while pills usually work after an hour. That’s a great deal of difference in terms of duration to when it’ll show positive effects.

There were some downsides, yes, which should be expected to any other product. Based on feedbacks, the sensation felt from the use of Vigrx Oil was not as strong as the sensation felt from the use of the Vigrx Plus pills. Some users also said Vigrx Oil smells weird. Plus, you also have to consider the user’s expedience. Since it is in its oil form, that means you have to bring its bottle everywhere you go, just in case you’ll be requiring its effects.

What are the Product Features?

It is an incredible item that you can use for masturbation.
It can improve your sexual arousal prominently.
Its effects only take a few minutes, unlike pills that work after an hour.
Vigrx Oil is more effective compared to other oils and creams in the market.
It appears to be ideal for female use as well.

Purchasing Vigrx Oil

This particular male enhancement solution is pretty much available in numerous sites. The good news is that you can get a good deal from the official site of the product. Basically, Vigrx Oil produces kind of permanent effects. For this reason, it is recommended to use it within a 4-month period in order to maximize its potential. Plus, the company provides a 67-day refund policy, which means you can choose to return the item within the 67-day period in order to get your money back, less shipping and handling charges. This is good since it means the company wants customers to have a good experience while using their product. It also gives you sufficient time to try its efficacy. In case it doesn’t generate satisfactory results, you can always ask for a refund.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Vigrx Oil can take a couple of months to see optimal outcome. That’s why it is suggested to get a least a 4-month supply of the product since it only has a price of $35, which is not expensive. Aside from getting the product itself, your $35 also includes free order of Semenax, a supplement that aims to improve a man’s semen.